Once-A-Day® Ecos™ Bowie Dick Autoclave Test

Once-A-Day® Ecos™ Bowie Dick Autoclave Test

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Product Code: 266115

Box of 24

Once-A-Day® Ecos™ Bowie & Dick Test Pack is a compact, fully disposable, eco-friendly version of the Bowie & Dick test.   The Bowie & Dick test checks performance of pre-vacuum sterilisers at the start of each day, or after repair and maintenance. Beside presence of air, it detects low temperature/pressure conditions, and can indicate if wet or superheated steam is present.

  • Test parameters: 134°-137°C with 3.5 min exposure
  • Pre-assembled Bowie & Dick test pack for pre-vacuum steam sterilisers
  • The test interpretation is simple due to a distinct blue to pink colour change that will not revert
  • Lead and heavy metal free
  • This product is completely biodegradable
  • Compact size reducing cost of delivery and minimising storage space